Enjoy Your Last Summer Fling While We Prep for Your Business Insurance Needs

Just when you were trying to squeeze in that last minute beach trip, you’ve probably also been hit with the wave of back-to-school sales and the stress of new deadlines rolling in every time you turn a corner at work or even at home. Don’t worry, friends. It’s not too late to enjoy one last summer fling before the madness of August arrives, because at SOGO, we’re doing the hard part of business insurance policy shopping for you. 

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever for your business to be protected by the best coverage that fit your company’s focus and budget, and you will find that at SOGO. How? Well, frankly, to put it simply: Direct Insurance Agencies don’t really need to focus on the needs and wants of their current or future customers, because they’ve got plenty of replacement clients lined up the minute you request something out of the norm. This makes it frustrating and nearly impossible for you to get the customer service you deserve.

That’s where SOGO’s approach comes to the rescue. Unlike other insurance agencies, SOGO takes the stress out of business insurance policy shopping by treating you the way you should be treated – with loyalty, understanding and respect. That’s why our name is SOGO, because it literally means “Togetherness, completeness, and wholeness.” Our company gives you the whole package, and  using the latest technology, along with our invaluable industry experience, we go several steps further for our clients, analyzing your current coverages and identifying costly gaps by shopping around for the best rates possible through our 20+ top-rated carriers. This gives you the power of choice over one of the most important aspects of your business – the protection behind your company’s future.

“When considering what coverage’s are appropriate for your company, do not overlook an umbrella and workers compensation policy,” said Ashley Galan, Commercial Lines Account Manager at SOGO. “In the end, you are still responsible for your employees and that employee has every right to take legal action against your company if an injury were to occur on your premises, your job site and your time.”

So, lucky for you, you’ve got just enough time to schedule some last-minute fun in the sun this summer before the fourth-quarter production hike kicks off. When time at the beach winds down, remember that unfortunate things happen all the time, no matter how prepared you are, so let us help you research all types of business insurance that span the list of your company’s needs, including General Liability InsuranceWorkers’ Compensation InsuranceCommercial Umbrella Insurance, and more.

We hope you kick your feet up in your favorite chair by the beach one last time, but when you come back to the grind, contact us about the tools you need to protect your business. SOGO offers a multitude of policies, and whether you’re already a SOGO business insurance policy-holder, or if you’re just getting started, we’re here to talk through the coverage you need. Let our team begin working or expand on a solution that’s perfect for your business insurance needs.

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