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Avoid Employment Litigation Following COVID-19

Today we are pivoting from our regular content to address an emerging trend we have noticed when meeting with nonprofit directors—returning their employees to work and resuming in-person programs amid a rapidly changing pandemic. In the past nine months, we have helped numerous nonprofits update their employee handbook to include specialized language regarding Covid-19 related restrictions/best practices. Many updates involve quarantining guidelines, workplace travel, in-person programs, mandatory vaccinations, and sick leave. With rapidly evolving policies, best practices, and laws surround the pandemic; it’s easy to get behind and feel exposed to an employee-related concern or legal issue.

As a partner of SOGO, we help your organization navigate the ongoing safety concerns the pandemic has brought through free and productive people risk management solutions. We have partnered with the leading-edge provider in human resource solutions with the power of real-time support from certified professionals. So whether your concern is current regulation changes at the state or federal level, employee training, prevention policies, or compliance issues, we are here to guide you.

With the rise of employment litigation surrounding Covid-19, including discrimination, workplace exposure claims, wage and hour lawsuits, and so much more, clearly outlining the financial burden Covid left isn’t close to over. For example, should employees be required to get a vaccination, return to in-person programming, be allowed to exceed sick days due to covid, be required to return to the office, etc.? Don’t subscribe to costly webinars or consulting fees to avoid future litigation claims as we are here to provide solutions free of cost.

Insurance professionals often tell you the first step to a safer work environment is a workers compensation policy. But, this statement is where we go against the grain! All clients should have an active workers’ compensation policy for accidents out of our control. Still, your insurance policies shouldn’t be a backup for ineffective or outdated policies. Our goal is to transform our client’s work environment from reactive to proactive, ensuring your nonprofit is financially secure.