Season of Giving: 5 Non-Profits to Consider Donating To

So many people are opting to give experiences versus physical presents this holiday season. If you’re looking to join in on the alternative gift challenge, consider donating to a nonprofit organization on behalf of a friend or family member. We’ve got the perfect list of nonprofits to which you can spread holiday cheer.  In case […]

Does my Nonprofit Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

On average, employers spend $120,000 on each workplace injury. Of course, $120,000 may seem exaggerated for a nonprofit workplace injury, but there is where the conversation of indirect costs comes about. Indirect costs cover items such as your time spent managing the accident process, hiring temporary workers, overtime pay to other staff carrying the workload, […]

Straight From the Sales Director: How Surveys Help Nonprofits Develop and Win Funds

Let’s talk about a riveting topic: Market Research! Didn’t those two words make your heart beat fast and fist violently pound the air in excitement? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Although necessary, market research, at least the thought of it, sounds like… well, research. Why are surveys so crucial to nonprofits anyways? Surveys for nonprofits […]

Avoid Employment Litigation Following COVID-19

Today we are pivoting from our regular content to address an emerging trend we have noticed when meeting with nonprofit directors—returning their employees to work and resuming in-person programs amid a rapidly changing pandemic. In the past nine months, we have helped numerous nonprofits update their employee handbook to include specialized language regarding Covid-19 related […]

Straight From the Sales Director: Why Cybersecurity Remains King in 2021

There’s nothing like a data breach to wreak havoc on your organization and kill the giving spirit of your donors. According to, 50% of nonprofits have experienced a ransomware attack. It’s no longer an “if” but a “when,” and when it happens, will your organization be able to recover from a cyberattack? Cyberattacks hit […]

Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors

From volunteers to the Board of Directors, your entire organization works together so that your nonprofit can retain stability while impacting your community. So you have boots on the ground and people volunteering their three t’s. In addition, you have a table full of individuals contributing to the organization’s overall health called your Board of […]

Straight From the Sales Director: What I Need to Know About Buying D&O Insurance

As a board member for a nonprofit, you graciously give your 3T’s (time, talent, and treasure) to the organization in hopes of its success and ability to impact the community. You work diligently trying to drive the organization to a sustainable tomorrow. But did you know that even acting in good faith, you could still […]

Straight from the Sales Director: Meet Nonprofit Superstar Kia Tattegrain

Running a nonprofit can sometimes feel like wearing the weight of the world’s shortfalls on your shoulders. You’re managing an organization while providing a meaningful impact for communities in need. One of the major secrets to a successful nonprofit is an involved Board of Directors, but often it’s easier said than done. I recently sat […]

Onboard your Board of Directors like a Pro

Whether you are a well-established or an emerging nonprofit, your board of directors is a vital component of your organization’s success. Overseeing the organization’s strategic direction, managing the fiduciary obligations, and creating ethical, social, and legal governance; just a few responsibilities your board will handle. Each board member needs to fully understand and accept these […]

Straight from the Sales Director: Volunteer Management

We all know volunteers are often the power horse behind nonprofit organizations. Goals are made and plans are set, but having the actual manpower to ensure your efforts come to fruition relies heavily on volunteers. Recruiting and managing these volunteers effectively is essential to operations and can’t be taken lightly. Below are some tips on […]