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Teen Drivers and Defensive Driving

Finally getting your license is amazing! But sitting in the driver’s seat? Not so much. For Teen Drivers, it’s important to know that driving is an experience that requires you to multitask. As you sit behind the wheel for the very first time, you might begin to feel overwhelmed by all the rules that you have to remember. But not to worry, here are five key things to keep in mind when finally on the road!  

Teen Drivers need to stay alert

Driving while being distracted is never a good idea, particularly if you have never driven a vehicle before. When you are out on your own and behind the wheel for the first time, turn off the radio, roll up the windows, and put away your CELL PHONE (We know how hard this can be for Teen Drivers)!Being this alert allows you to react quickly to potential problems – like when the driver in front of you slams on their brakes at the last minute. Obviously, alcohol and drugs affect a person’s reaction time and judgment. Driving while drowsy has the same effect and is one of the leading causes of crashes. Stay smart and stay safe! 

Stay Focused while driving

Do Not Overthink Things! Driving makes you think, and you have a lot of things to think about when you’re behind the wheel; road conditions, your speed, and position, observing traffic laws, signs, signals, road markings, following directions, being aware of the cars around you, checking your mirrors – the list goes on. Just clear your mind, focus on what you are doing and most importantly just DRIVE! 

Watch for others on the Road 

Part of staying in control is being aware of other roadway users and pedestrians around you so you’re less likely to be caught off guard. Be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings when on the road. (PS. Remember, pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.) 

Think Safety First

It’s no secret we are going to encounter some not-so-friendly people when on the road. So, avoid road rage as best as possible. Always leave space between you and the car in front as well as locking your doors and wearing your seatbelt to protect you from being thrown from the car in the event of a crash. 


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Keeping these simple guidelines in mind as you prepare to drive for the first time will help make the experience a little less scary and a little safer. Now get out on that road and enjoy the ride. You got this!