Daylight Savings Time Means More Daylight, But Now What?

We lost an hour of sleep but gained more daylight, so we’re calling that a win. This past weekend, Daylight Savings Time gave us more time to do fun things, and we’re here for it. With the ongoing news regarding COVID-19, it’s important to follow the CDC’s recommendations, including staying away from crowds, among other advice, but now what do we do with all that extra daylight? We’re coming to you with ideas to soak up that sun without adding a ton of risk to your life. 

  1. Take a Drive – The sun doesn’t go down until about 8 PM these days, so if you’re aching for change but don’t want to take any risks, hop into the car and take a nice Sunday drive, on any day of the week. Texas bluebonnets are blooming, and lots of baby animals are making their big debut into the world. Take a drive through any of the hill country roads, and you’re sure to set sight on one or more exciting happenings around you, without even coming in contact with any crowds.
  2. Throw a Family Game Night – We know you’re used to real game nights, with friends, alcohol, and late-night laughs, but try a “healthier” version by skipping out on all the extra invites. Dust off the classics like “Pictionary” or “Scattergories” and gather your closest people around the kitchen table for a quiet, but fun game night. Pop popcorn and prepare snacks, but have everyone eat out of their own bowl to avoid sharing any germs, and stick to games that don’t involve passing or sharing pieces, like cards or puzzles.
  3. Have a Scary Movie Marathon – When was the last time you sat down to watch “The Shining?” Like, really sat down to watch it and all of its glorious horrific details? It’s been too long. The sun will go down later, so plan your evening to start around 9 PM. Turn down the lights, light some candles, and get Netflix queued up for a night of screams. Rewatch the classics, like “Night of the Living Dead,” or mix it up with a newer flick like “In the Tall Grass.” Take your mind off the real health scare, and focus on your plan for a zombie apocalypse instead, even if it’s just for a few hours. If you’re too scared to wait until dark, plan your evening for a 6 PM start. Ghosts can’t hide in the daylight!.
  4. Take a Reflective Hike – There are so many beautiful parks and walking trails in our city that are waiting to be discovered and that is perfect for a self-reflective hike alone, or with a partner. Let the extra sunshine stream through the tall trees, and gently warm your skin. Listen to the streams and take note of new birds making nests due to the newer Spring weather. You can even take a journal and write your reflections down, so on your next visit, you can check back to see what’s changed. Take advantage of the recommended time alone to think about what you want in life and what you appreciate in nature.

In case you missed it: “Spring Break Plans for Texas Spring Breakers” is just what you need for what many are experiencing as “extended” Spring Break this year, due to recent health concerns. At SOGO, we urge you to stay healthy, and happy. It’s a good time to be cautious and careful, which reminds us that you should contact your SOGO agent today to learn more about how our insurance policies can help you during times of unsureness.