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Clean up your desk, and your insurance game

January 13th was marked National Clean Off Your Desk Day, giving everyone a chance to prepare for the new year with a fresh start and a clean slate. While tidying our work and home office spaces, we thought it would also be a good idea to get your insurance game organized too. 

We know sitting down and making big life decisions can be tempting to put on the back burner, but we pride ourselves in having the most qualified agents who have your best interest in mind who can walk you through those big decisions with you, making them clear-cut and straightforward. Like sitting down and clearing a desk, we know you can tackle your insurance needs by getting organized and making a plan, especially with our help. 

Make separate piles

When you’re clearing out the clutter, one fool-proof method is to take what you have and separate items into different piles. You can do the same for your insurance needs. We have “piles” too, or insurance categories, that are very specific and help us define the coverages you need. You’ll most likely have a “home” pile for warranties, a “finance” pile for bank statements, and maybe an “auto” pile for maintenance records. Our “piles” cover those bases too, with insurances like homeowners insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance. Our categories go in-depth, covering anything you’d need- even your darling pet. 

File away what you don’t need on hand

Maybe you’re not ready to throw out a record of some sort, and that’s okay. File away what you don’t need easy access to, so that it doesn’t get clustered in with the “on-fire” task items. The same goes for picking insurances. Maybe you’re not ready to sign the dotted line on every possible insurance available to you, but with the help of our agents, we can certainly sit down, find out your highest priority, and make a plan from there. We will not pressure you into what you’re not ready for. We are here to help you get the coverage you need on the things that are most important to you. 

Make time to keep the clutter gone

So your piles might have been a little tall and out of hand. No worries. Schedule time to organize your desk from time to time. You’ll feel so much better having everything under control. At SOGO, we are always here to talk with you and evaluate your needs that could change priority any minute. Set aside time to get organized and to talk with your agent about your needs and wants. You’ll definitely feel better about keeping the physical and metaphorical clutter out of your life. 

 2020 is going to be your year, so take it by the horns! Also, give us a call, or even email us, to talk through your best options for protection with one of our agents today.