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    Wedding Insurance

    Learn more about wedding insurance so you can make an informed decision on your coverage.

    Wedding & Event Liability


    Risk Factor

    You book a beautiful venue for your wedding with huge windows looking out onto a gorgeous garden in

    the summer. But during the reception, you get a little wild while dancing and accidentally break one

    of those windows! You could be held liable for those damages and the costs associated with their repair.


    Wedding and event liability insurance is often one of the first coverages you’ll need to consider for your

    wedding. It can help you cover the costs associated with property damage or injuries to your guests that

    you could be held liable for. That could include the broken window or even medical costs associated

    with any cuts your guests suffer because of the broken glass you created in the above scenario.


    Sudden Illness


    Risk Factor

    Illness can come out of nowhere. One moment you’re at your rehearsal dinner and the next moment you

    could be wheeled back into surgery with a burst appendix. Whether it’s you, your future spouse, or your

    parents, a sudden illness can strike at any time, forcing you to postpone your wedding—and forcing you

    out of non-refundable expenses.


    As a subset of a cancellation and postponement policy, sudden illness coverage can help you with non

    refundable expenses associated with a postponed wedding due to a sudden illness that prevents you,

    your future spouse, and even your parents from attending your wedding. Limits to this coverage do

    apply as known threats of cancellation, such as infectious diseases like COVID-19, are typically not



    Host Liquor Liability


    Risk Factor

    Open bar or cash bar? The debate around which is best to have for your wedding will be going on long

    after your event, but your risks will stay the same. If you serve alcohol at your wedding and one of your

    guests is involved in an alcohol-related incident, you could be held liable for costs associated with

    property damage or injury.


    In order to protect yourself from liability in alcohol-related incidents stemming from your wedding,

    you’ll want to look into host liquor liability insurance. This particular subset of wedding liability is not

    always included, so it’s important to double-check the policy. If you’re hosting your wedding at your

    home or some other private location, this coverage is even more important since the venue won’t have

    any of its own insurance that could potentially protect you.


    Wedding Photo & Video


    Risk Factor

    You want to preserve the memory of your wedding, which is why you turn to your photographer and

    videographer to help. But just like with any vendor, things can go wrong. From a photographer who

    doesn’t show up to lost or damaged photos, you are open to risk.


    Wedding photo and video insurance can help protect you in the event something goes wrong with your

    photographer or videographer. This coverage can help reimburse you if your photos or videos are not

    delivered to you as agreed upon or if your photographer or videographer just doesn’t show up to your

    wedding. In some cases, a photo and video policy can help cover the cost of reshoots if the photo

    negatives are lost or stolen, if the film or data storage are damaged, and more.


    Gift Coverage


    Risk Factor

    While getting to spend time with the people you love is often the best part of a wedding,

    the wedding gifts you receive certainly don’t hurt. In many cases, those gifts are meant to help you build your new life

    with your spouse. However, if they get damaged, you could be on the hook for the costs of their



    Your guests were kind enough to get you gifts, and you want to be able to get the most out of them. Gift

    insurance is here to help in case you receive your gifts damaged. It can cover the costs associated with

    the repair or replacement so you don’t have to worry about handling it yourself.


    Special Attire & Jewelry


    Risk Factor

    Who doesn’t love an opportunity to get dressed up and spend a fun evening with the people you love?

    Beautiful dresses, sleek tuxedos, glittering jewelry—it all must have cost a fortune. But what happens if

    there’s a tear in the wedding dress? What if someone loses the wedding rings? Without the proper

    coverage, you’ll have to pay for those all on your own.


    With special attire and jewelry insurance, you can feel more secure knowing that you may have

    coverage for issues arising with your wedding jewelry and attire. Jewelry coverage can apply to lost or

    damaged wedding rings, while attire coverage can apply to issues like torn or damaged wedding attire

    like dresses and tuxedos. Depending on your policy, special attire and jewelry insurance can cover repair

    or replacement of the damaged items.

    Call to Duty


    Risk Factor

    You or your future spouse may be doing your country a great honor by serving in the military—but the

    military doesn’t always follow your schedule. There’s always the possibility that you or your spouse

    could be called to active duty despite your wedding date. If that’s the case, you could be responsible for

    those financial losses without proper coverage.


    As a subset of a cancellation and postponement policy in your wedding insurance, call to duty coverage

    can help reimburse you for lost deposits and other non-refundable wedding expenses associated with

    you or your future spouse being called to active military duty or a loss of your military leave.


    Venue & Additional Insured Liability


    Risk Factor

    You have wedding and event liability insurance to protect yourself from damage or injury you have

    caused, but what about your guests? Even if it wasn’t your fault that someone got hurt or something

    was damaged at the venue, you could still be held responsible for covering the associated costs.


    Some venues may require you to have additional liability coverage for the venue or other named

    insureds as part of your standard wedding liability policy. Venue and additional insured liability

    insurance can help you cover costs associated with property damage or injury caused by your guests at

    your wedding. This is often an add-on to your basic wedding and event liability coverage.


    Lost Deposits


    Risk Factor

    When it comes to planning a wedding, you put a lot of trust in your vendors. From caterers to decorators

    to bakers, there are a lot of hands involved in your big day, and you’ve probably sent a lot of expensive

    deposits to them. But what happens if your vendors don’t deliver as promised? Not only are you out a

    wedding cake, but you’re out the hundreds you spent on the baker.


    In the event your vendors go out of business, declare bankruptcy, or don’t show up to your wedding at

    all, lost deposits insurance can help cover your financial losses. There are usually some limitations on

    the coverage; however, you can often recover some of what you lost in those deposits.


    Severe Weather


    Risk Factor

    Your wedding day may be set in stone, but the weather certainly isn’t. All it could take is a hurricane,

    tornado, or worse to cause you to have to postpone or cancel your wedding—which means you could

    lose your deposits along with your wedding day.


    A subset of cancellation and postponement coverage, a policy for severe weather can be a great

    addition to your wedding insurance plan. In the event of weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and

    more that result in a postponement or cancellation of your wedding, this coverage can help to reimburse

    non-refundable deposits that you may be faced with losing.


    Cancellation or Postponement


    Risk Factor

    You’ve bought the dress and the tux, made the deposits, and sent out the invitations, and now the big

    day is almost here! But something unexpected and out of your control has happened, and you may be

    forced to postpone or cancel your wedding. Now, not only are you dealing with the disappointment of

    losing your wedding day, you have to deal with the financial burden of those lost expenses.


    If your wedding needs to be canceled or postponed for an unexpected reason, cancellation or

    postponement insurance can help. This coverage applies to family illness, extreme weather, and other

    unpredictable events, and it can assist in reimbursing the costs of catering, venue rentals, transportation,

    and more. However, this coverage usually does not cover cold-feet.


    The sooner you get wedding insurance, the sooner you get back to planning. Wedding insurance can protect against unforeseen problems like sudden vendor cancellations, damage to a gown/ the venue and so much more.
    The perfect policy can cover the following losses:

    • Venue: Covers unavoidable cancellation brought on by unforeseen damage to the venue.
    • Weather: If the weather prevents the couple, essential guests, or a majority of the guests from arriving at the venue, the policy will cover the cost of rescheduling the marriage ceremony.
    • Attire: The policy pays for a repair or replacement of special attire if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

    Some additional coverage options include:
    • Personal liability: The policy covers bodily injuries or property damage caused by accidents that occur during the wedding
    • Photographer: Will cover the cost of retaking the photographs in case the photographer fails to show up or if the images are stolen or damaged
    • Gifts: The policy pays for the cost of repairing or replacing non-monetary wedding gifts that are lost, stolen, or damaged

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