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Why you should purchase Travel Insurance

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, and bank accounts are slowly recovering from all the holiday shopping that happened these past few months. The second Tuesday of January marks National Shop for Travel Day, and we hope you had the chance to partake in purchasing some future trips. The world is suffering through a pandemic, but our dreams of travel haven’t ceased. Now that your tickets have been purchased and your rooms reserved, now is the perfect time to consider protecting those precious purchases with travel insurance. If the past year of events hasn’t been enough to convince you that things can change, we don’t know what could convince you. 

The purpose of travel insurance is to protect yourself from unfortunate circumstances that can affect your travel plans. What does that mean? Well, if you fully intend to catch a flight somewhere, and you check in 24 hours in advance assuming everything is hunky dory, you may bump into an unforeseen event, such as a serious accident on the highway on your way to the airport that causes you to miss your flight. According to the airline carrier, you’re just a regular old no-show. It’s difficult to get a credit or refund in these circumstances, and you can understand why because the airlines would never be able to financially operate if they didn’t charge for seats that ended up empty because of you. But it wasn’t your fault, so how can you protect your wallet from being out hundreds of dollars? Travel insurance. 

What about, say, a worldwide pandemic? Think of the thousands upon thousands of Americans and people around the world that had trips years in advance. Family vacations, weddings, business trips and more were canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak, and many went unprotected because no one anticipated a worldwide pandemic. But that goes to show that you can’t always expect what’s headed your way. We’re not saying everything is as serious as a national crisis, but basic travel insurance can save you a huge headache if something does happen. 

During these uncertain times, we can thank coronavirus for at least making us figure out what’s really important to us. One day, things will get back to normal and all will be well again. If you were ever to finally be in a trip and something should happen to a loved one back home, you’d drop whatever you were doing and come home as quickly as possible. Having travel insurance can even help you when you’ve had to change your plans due to a medical emergency or even death. You’d never want anything like that to happen, or stop you from getting home if it did. Travel insurance can help you get home safely to your loved ones. 

You’ve likely spent a lot of time coordinating all of your future travels. Don’t add confusion or frustration to your life if those plans go astray. Secure a travel insurance policy with SOGO and protect your wallet, time, and peace of mind for your future travels. Bon voyage! 

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