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Why the Insurance Industry is Getting More Digital

Just as the world was reflecting on ways to “unplug” and detach itself from digital media, the global pandemic forced the world back into a digital-necessary life for us all. From great grandparents in their old living rooms to kindergarteners at their kitchen tables, all ages and types of people had to get on board with digital platforms whether they liked it or not. Overall, business plans shifted for all industries and companies. Even commercials of nationally-recognized brands embraced changes in the digital world, with references to social media platforms and cloud-based communication tools. You can ask anyone of any age how to hop on a Zoom call or social media platform, and they’ll set you straight. The world heavily relies on social media and digitally-based tools to keep up with current events, news, hobbies, and work. 

As we become more digitally and technologically advanced as a society, we start to expect that service and convenience with all things. For example, the urge to eat dinner no longer involves going to the grocery store, shopping for items, coming home, and cooking. Now, at the click of a few buttons, you can hop on an app and order your food from your favorite restaurant delivered right to your front door. Likewise, shopping for gifts or groceries has become more accessible, with many offering curbside service when you order digitally. There is hardly anything left anymore that hasn’t been made more convenient by social media. So why shouldn’t the insurance industry keep up with the trends? 

You can expect to see industries across the board become more and more digital as time goes on. The COVID-19 pandemic opened a window of opportunity for companies to launch more convenient and user-friendly digital tools to help end-consumer quickly find what they want.

At SOGO Insurance, we believe in getting you the coverage you need for an affordable price, and we strive to bring you there as painlessly as possible. We have several digital tools, including our “Clickable Coverage” pages, where you can easily explore the types of insurance policies we offer. You can also follow us on our social media pages like Facebook for up-to-date office news and information about policies, insurance laws, safety tips, and links to helpful blogs. We understand that digital tools can inspire “FOMO” or “fear of missing out” on actual interaction with a person. Still, we promise that our digital tools and media will only be a piece of the puzzle when servicing our clients. We like to think of the worldwide move to digital as a helpful way to get to where you want to go. No matter where you decide to go, we hope you know that SOGO Insurance will be there for you, digitally and otherwise, to guide you along the way.