Why National Small Business Week is a Big Deal

Tuesday, September 22nd marks the first day of Fall in 2020, and with all the health turmoil going on in the world, we’re here for pumpkin-spiced everything and the beginning of holiday cheer. As excited as we are about lattes and cooler weather, this week also signifies a very important week celebrating the nation’s smaller businesses during National Small Business Week. This week, it’s all about the “little guys” making big waves, and we’re proud to be supportive of our fellow small businesses this week and always.

Small Business Owners are ELITE

Being a small business owner means you wear many hats. Some days, you may be dealing with an HR issue because Jimmy keeps showing up late. Other days, you may play a business development role because someone’s gotta earn some business. Heck, you might even be playing an operations role and smacking shipping labels onto boxes late at night. No matter the situation, being a small business owner does not mean you have to sacrifice on coverage. SOGO Insurance specializes in finding exactly the right policies for your needs. As a small business ourselves, we know what it’s like to compete with the big box guys, and we know firsthand that you need to be able to depend on us to provide you with the most up-front and honest plan to protect your business without breaking the bank. 

Insurance is needed for Small Business

SOGO Insurance can provide several types of insurance, including business insurance, personal insurance, or life insurance. All three types can be relevant to you as a small business owner. For obvious reasons, business insurance is a huge step toward protecting what you’ve mostly worked your whole life toward owning. A popular option is the Business Owners Insurance (BOP) because it combines business property along with business liability into one convenient little package. We can also help you secure less-common types of policies, like cyber liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and commercial property insurance. We can even get industry-specific type policies for you, including liquor liability insurance, food truck insurance, brewer’s insurance, and even church insurance. 

Small Business Owners Can be protected Personally

Another common worry for small business owners is personal insurance. You’ve worked your tail off, and now it’s finally time to purchase special items for yourself. A house, a classic car, an RV, a special piece of jewelry. You name it, we can help you cover it. Personal insurance may seem a frivolous expense, but more often than not business owners find themselves wishing they had personal policies that are as good as their business insurance policies in terms of protection. In a world of “you never know,” securing this insurance is the right decision to keep your special things special. 

Life insurance for a healthy business owner – why is that even important? As a small business owner, you have signed up to take risks with your business and with that usually comes asked your family to bear some type of burden, either financially or emotionally. If something tragic were to happen to you, while your family be ready? Don’t leave them the stress of having to deal with the loss of a family member but also a financial disaster. Life insurance is definitely a necessity if you want to keep your family from going into debt upon an untimely event, secure a policy today!

In case you missed it: “Protect Your Valuables With Jewelry Insurance” walks you through the advantages of having a jewelry insurance policy in place before the holidays are here. Whether you’ll be traveling out and about, or maybe you’re staying cozy at home, you’ll want to be sure to secure the exact policy that’s right for you. Call our agents to discuss what items you’d like to protect, and we’ll help you every step of the way.