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Why National Mom & Pop Business Day Has Never Been More Important

Sunday, March 29th marked National Mom & Pop Business Day, and this national day of recognition has never been more important than it is during this historical time. COVID-19 has disrupted our normal sense of living, our economy, and our personal lives in so many ways. Mom & Pop businesses in San Antonio and around the nation are feeling the effects of this current health crisis and could use our continued appreciation in the next few months as we navigate through this tricky time. 

It’s easy to understand why Mom & Pop Businesses would get at least one day of national recognition. These businesses start with a strict budget, a big idea and a ton of ambition on the owner’s part. Have you ever heard a small business owner talk about how easy it was to launch and maintain their business? Likely not. 

As a small business owner, obstacles seem to follow your every move. There are likely big-box competitors on your heels, ready to swoop in and take your customers. You likely have a limited budget to maintain for the first few years, if not forever. Hiring great employees to work through start-up times can be a challenge, and serving clients means going above and beyond what is normally required in order to stand out from others. It’s not for the weary-hearted.  

While it may be easy to stay at home and forget about the outside world, there are several ways you can do your part to help support small businesses the way they deserve to be supported. Of course, you can order food from a restaurant as take-out right now, and you benefit from the tasty meal you get in return. What if you have a birthday celebration that had to be canceled? Don’t be so quick to cancel the cake order from the small bakery around the corner. Pick up the cake and freeze what you don’t eat. Can you think of a small business whose employees are working tirelessly and risking their health to stay open and available for the people? Consider taking lunch, or extra supplies you have on hand to share with the team. Of course, follow all of the safety precautions you should be taking when completing these activities, but keep your good heart open and on your sleeve in order to support those who need it. 

As much as small businesses need your help right now, also know that small businesses are usually made of the strongest, most resilient types of people. All around San Antonio, you have business owners, including restaurants, grocery stores, small pharmacies, agricultural workers, mechanics, and yours truly thinking of creative ways to serve you, and relying on hard-working people to fulfill your every request during this difficult time of adjustment. SOGO Insurance is included in the “essential business” category set by the Mayor of San Antonio, but we’ve always known our standards for our clients. 

SOGO Insurance is here for you, to help you navigate your way through difficult times, including this quarantine. We are working diligently to answering any questions you may have, and being your guide through your insurance needs. We’ve always operated like a family and will continue to do so, no matter the circumstance. We promise to stay 6 feet away from you physically, and near you digitally as needed. 

In case you missed it: “Social Distancing Do’s and Don’ts” has got all the rules on what social distancing means, and how you can safely carry it out during this time of taking precautions. Don’t be the one who ends up spreading germs. While you’re distancing socially, take some time to get your insurance needs together. Contact your SOGO agent today to get help. We’re still working hard and around the clock for our valuable clients.