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Travel Insurance for Holiday Travel

“From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific!” At least those are the words to the good ol’ classic “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays” song made famous by singer Perry Como in 1954. Now it’s 2019, and it’s the time of year for gifts, merriment, and family, but it’s also the time for holiday travel, and it’s best to be prepared as possible. Travel insurance might seem like a silly expense when you think of it in the most simple way, but if you take the time to consider the potential expenses that come along with the ups and downs of holiday travel, you’d definitely reconsider.  

The Risks

We know you’re excited to see the old gang. But hundreds of flights are delayed each holiday season due to inclement weather, aircraft drama, or the general bustling crowd at almost all airports around the nation. Traveling can be a risky endeavor, but our travel insurance can help you relax and enjoy the holiday scenery around you. Missed flights could be the least of your worries, as accidents and mishappenings are just a part of life and seem to be waiting around the corner when we least expect them, but especially when we travel. 


Did you know travel insurance can actually cover you against the cost of treatment and the costs of being brought back home should something happen to you while traveling? We bet that was the LAST thing you thought about when it comes to travel insurance. But imagine that expenses if something awful were to happen to you while far away from home. The costs of emergency medical flights home alone could wipe out your savings or even bankrupt you. This isn’t exactly what we like to think of either during the holidays, but the reality is that these stories happen more often than you’d think. 


What if you had to cancel a trip altogether, or return earlier than you anticipated? Yep, travel insurance can cover that. We’re not talking about if you just got tired of your judgemental aunt bothering you and triggering a trip to your therapist. Your baggage and possessions along with coverage for the costs of the trip due to family bereavement or medical emergency are all covered. Hey, we don’t want anything bad to happen to you or your family, but if it did, would you be prepared to cover those costs? Save those dollars for special gifts for your family (or yourself!) by securing travel insurance. The upfront costs will definitely outweigh the burden of those costs, or even your peace of mind.

No worries if you don’t want to fully commit to a year of travel insurance. You can choose single-trip policies as well. Depending on how seasoned a traveler you are, and how much you plan to travel in the next year, our agents can help you figure out which type of policy would be best for you. Don’t skip out on asking questions, though. Even two trips a year can make an annual policy worth it. 

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