The Holidays are Here… Let’s Reflect!

‘Tis the season to be jolly or to reflect on all that has happened in the past year. Being reflective on one’s life is a healthy way to look back into the past and figure out how to approach the future in the best way possible. We’re here to help you organize your thoughts with some ideas on what to reflect on and how to use that information to plan accordingly. 

We’ve gone ahead and broken it up into five simple categories: Relationships/Love, Service/Faith, Health, Work/Money, and Future Purpose.


This category can encompass a wide variety of relationships, like romantic or spousal, friendships, and just your general attitude toward people as a whole. Ask yourself, “Do those that I love and care for actually know that I care about them? How?” If you feel like you haven’t entirely carved out enough time to let them know it, you might consider taking more time to share those feelings. It doesn’t have to be all chocolates and roses and gifts for friends. Plenty of relationships are grown by spending quality time together or just acknowledging that person and their range of needs.


This category includes serving the important communities to you, whether that be a religious community or perhaps a local charitable community. Ask yourself, “Who do I wish I had resources from when I was in a tough spot?” Consider volunteering for a nonprofit or doing a community-wide clean-up session. Throughout the year, we can get busy and push off any “extra” activities we planned for, but while you reflect, realize that part of your mental health is contributed to by how you give back. Do it in a way that works for you. More and more charitable communities are accepting virtual volunteering now, so you can complete your life duties while also having a chance to help out the community.


We know this might be a hard one to think about during the season of holiday sweets and treats, but you’re only in the reflection and planning phase right now, so don’t get too worried about having to miss out on the tamales. Think about your physical health, and ask yourself, “Do I feel healthy?” That definition will vary widely from person to person, so answer honestly and know that the answer is fluid. It would be best to consider your mental health during your reflection time. This has been a tough year because COVID-19 issues are still running rampant, so check in with yourself and see if you need to partake in some counseling or more walks around the block to clear some headspace and raise that heartbeat. 


Everyone wants more money, correct? Especially during the gift-giving season. But it’s more than just the here and now. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared for a financial hiccup?” Losing a job, a death of a loved one, or even a flat tire can change the course of your financial situation, so take some time to reflect and plan for those changes. 

Future Purpose 

Setting goals can be overwhelming, but after you’ve taken some time for reflection, you’ll have a better understanding of what you want for your future and how to get there. First, write out the changes you’d like to make, and make a vision board if it’s helpful. Then, put your goals in an easy-to-access spot so you can refer to them all year. 

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