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Go Big or Go Home: Partying 101 and Special Event Insurance

We’ve all been cooped up for a year and a half because of COVID-19 rules and restrictions, and now we are in desperate need of a celebration. Now that vaccines are rolling out and becoming steadily available, more and more folks are planning their normal celebrations, and some larger special events to make up for what they missed. We’ve seen some pretty creative ideas, but our favorite is the Everything We Missed in 2021 Party, where each couple or person is assigned a holiday. According to whatever holiday you were assigned, you would bring a signature cocktail, along with a side or dish for that holiday. For example, the Valentine’s Day couple might bring a champagne punch mixer and a chocolate-covered strawberry dip. The Thanksgiving couple might bring an apple pie moonshine and Thanksgiving stuffing. All of the 2021 events are covered, and friends can chat about any major changes in their lives, finally catching up. 

Organizing a special event for your personal life or your company can be exciting, especially if you’re like us and dusting off your party-planning skills, ready to go to the max for an ultimate blowout. Just keep in mind that things can go wrong, and you’ll want to be financially covered for the time and effort you’ve put into planning this party, no matter when it eventually goes down. Did you know you can get “special event insurance” for your big event? That means, if something goes wrong, you’re not left to watch your $600 ice sculpture melt away along with all the deposits and hard costs of throwing a big shebang, including catering expenses, DJ and entertainment, and venue fees. Did an oncoming hurricane ruin your giant outdoor pool party, complete with summer bops, signature watermelon martinis, and over-the-top Texas BBQ catering? No worries. Special event insurance can cover you, even if you just have to postpone the event instead of outright canceling. Some vendors, even when you postpone, will charge you a fee for a date change, so you’ll be ready for those invoices when you have the correct coverage. 

Did you have your event, but the watermelon martinis hit your clients a little too hard, causing an accident or damage while attending your special event? No worries. Special event insurance can also cover alcohol-related issues, but you’ll want to double-check with our agents to help you review your policy because the rules of coverage can differ depending on whether you had a corporate-paid open bar, or whether guests were purchasing their drinks. 

Of course, with any special policy, you’ll want to review the details and make sure you are garnering the exact policy for your exact needs. We can help you with those details. Our professional agents bring experience and expertise to the table, and we’re here for you like family. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your next blowout, and remember that we can help you get the coverage you need for the parties you want to throw.   

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