Hygge for Everyone

Hygge (pronounced hyoo⬝guh) is a Danish frame of mind, that means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” according to the Oxford dictionary. More and more Americans are embracing the idea of hygge for their own lives, to help alleviate the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. We know not every day can be filled with Netflix and blankets, so we’ve got a few practical ways that you can enjoy hygge. From savvy business owners, to world travelers, to home-dwellers – we’ve got some seriously cozy hygge ideas (and links!)  for you, no matter how you roll throughout the year. 


Hygge at home can be as simple as you want to make it. Put out a few fall decorations to distract your mind from the 90-degree weather, and get more focused on creating warmth at home. Snuggle up with a weighted blanket in front of your favorite football game, or create a cocoa station in the kitchen for the coming cold months. Allow yourself to indulge a little, with a tiny plate of your favorite chocolates next to your bed, or with high-quality candles that ignite happy feelings in your soul. Plan a small dinner party and entertain longtime friends for a night. You’ll be feeling nostalgic in no time, with all the memories of quieter times bubbling up.


We think Candice Olson said it best when she said, “The perfect antidote to dark, cold and creepy is light, warm and cozy.” We don’t want to disparage the traditional workplace, but more often than not, office settings are not exactly what we’d call “inspirational” or “comfortable” places to be. It’s not impossible to enjoy hygge if you take a few subtle measures toward having a mellow workspace, like using a Scentsy or essential oil diffuser to spread relaxing (and coworker-friendly!) smells like lavender or lemongrass. Place an inconspicuous pair of slippers under your desk, so that you can relax while still crunching the numbers. Add a small plant to your desk for fresh air, and consider bringing a small back massager for the back of your work chair. 


Ready to take hygge on the road? Complete your travel plans with touches of hygge, like wearing ultra-supportive and comfortable shoes for walking, and packing an ergonomic travel pillow for long plane or train rides. Pack a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera for small, instant photos that will instill great memories in your heart. Pack a travelers notebook to scratch down favorite memories and places visited for quick trips back to your favorite destinations. 


Hygge seems to come to kids more naturally, because of their ability to enjoy the “small” but big things in life. Fall is the perfect time to get into hygge mode with the kids, because the weather is becoming more allowing of fun outdoor activities that foster the warm feeling of hygge. Take a nature walk, and a small plastic zipper bag for collecting leaves, bugs, and other exciting finds to discuss. Play a family-friendly board game at home around the fireplace, or lay outside under the clouds or stars and discuss animal figures you can spot in the sky. Spending a few more minutes away from a screen and with your kids will have you both feeling the good vibes.

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