4 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

Whether you’re keeping your own turkeys busy during school break, or if you’re hosting your family’s sticky-fingered little tots this holiday season, you’ll need these four easy Fall crafts for kids to keep them entertained while you attempt to have some adult time. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on toys when most of the items needed for these crafts are likely to be hiding around your home.

Fall Lead & Fruit Garlands

Items Needed:  Fall leaves of various colors and sizes, dried fruit slices like oranges and apples, jute string or baker’s twine, and a pointy pair of scissors or pointy pencil to pole holes.

Directions:  Put on your fall boots and declare a backyard adventure! It’s time to go fall leaf hunting. While “hunting,” discuss different types of trees and foliage native to your area, and pick up variously sized and colored leaves that have pretty shapes. Talk about the differences between leaves in the summer vs. leaves in the winter. After collecting, head indoors for a warm cup of cocoa, and some crafting. Help the kiddos carefully poke holes in the leaves near the stem, and prepare for hanging on the jute string. Plan to string the various sizes next to each other to create fun shapes. Dried orange and apple slices will make for a fruity and spicy addition to the garland. Sprinkle cinnamon on the final product to create a natural air freshener.

Painted Rocks as Place Cards

Items Needed: Flat and circular rocks, acrylic paint, hair spray, and paintbrushes. 

Directions: Another adventure is in store! Head to the nearest pile of rocks and start sorting. Look for rocks that will double as a flat place card for the Thanksgiving table after decorated. After finding a handful of rocks per kiddo, head indoors and clean those rocks free of dirt and debris. Dry thoroughly, and paint a base layer of paint on the rock. Have kiddos decorate the rock with fingerprints, or go all out and provide glitter, markers, and other craft supplies for decorating. Lastly, have kiddos write their names on the rock. Place on a tablescape and make a BIG deal about how special they are to you, just like their unique rock.

Fall Cereal Tree

Items Needed:  Construction or printer paper, various breakfast cereals, and glue.

Directions:  Place a single sheet of paper down in front of the kiddo, and several small bowls filled with various breakfast cereals. Help them draw the outline of a tree, including branches. Discuss how trees change in the fall and have them glue on different types of cereal as “leaves” on the tree. Discuss colors of leaves during the fall, and allow the glue to dry before hanging up the masterpieces on the refrigerator for all to see.

Pumpkin Apple Stamping

Items Needed: Several apples, a sharp knife, paper towels, paint, and paper.

Directions: As the designated adult, slice apples in half, then place wet-side-down on a paper towel to allow the moisture to be absorbed. Hand out several sheets of paper, and set up various fall-colored paints. When apples have mostly dried, allow the kids to “stamp” the apple on the paper with the paint, and discuss how different apples will make different shapes. Discuss how most apples make a pumpkin-shaped outline, and allow the kids to paint the rest of the “pumpkin” parts, including a stem and leaf. Let dry, and decorate with final touches.

We can’t guarantee your tiny visitors won’t get a little bit of paint on the kitchen table, but we can guarantee that they will appreciate the time and care you put into entertaining them during the busy holiday season. Have fun crafting! 

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