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Bundling Isn’t Just for Colder Weather

Chestnuts are roasting on the fire, and it’s officially #snuggleseason in Texas. It’s time to bust out the good blankets and get bundled up against the incoming freezing temperatures. Getting cozy near the fire isn’t the only way you can bundle this season. Did you know there are significant advantages to bundling your insurance policies? You can often save money by bundling while getting the appropriate coverage for your unique situation. SOGO Insurance is here for your insurance bundling needs; we’ve got the lowdown on how to go about it. 

Three Helpful Facts You Need to Know Before Bundling

1. Bundling can save you money. 

Bundling insurance is like that awesome sale at your favorite department store during the holidays. You’re often likely to get even better discounts correlating to how much you spend. Since you already have to spend that money on protecting your assets through insurance policies, you might as well get savings. Some agencies offer up to 10% savings when you bundle policies with them without ever having to clip a coupon. For added convenience, some carriers even offer a single deductible if hail or snow damages your home and vehicle simultaneously, which can happen during these cold winter months. 

2. There’s no “right” or “wrong” time to bundle. 

Have you ever landed in the emergency room around the holidays and secretly been most bitter about the fact that you’re about to meet your deductible at the worst time of the year? It’s not just the worst time because you’ll miss out on the annual ice skating trip but also because the money you spend toward your deductible starts over in January. Luckily, with bundling insurance policies, there is no “right” or “wrong” time to bundle. You can call our agency any time throughout the year, and we will help you match up with the policies you need with no financial or personal consequences to you. So it’s never a wrong time to bundle, and that’s the good news we like to hear and share. Pro-tip: it’s best to insure your homeowners and auto policies simultaneously for ultimate savings. 

3. Bundling helps you (and the agency) stay organized more efficiently. 

Usually, when you need to access the benefits of an insurance policy, something unfortunate or even traumatic happens to you. It’s not exactly the time you’d choose to be calling around to different agencies trying to find out what policy you have in place there or not. Another advantage to bundling is saving you from stacks of paperwork from other agencies. It helps keep things in one place, organized, and ready to access when you need it most. It’s so much simpler to have one point of contact for all your insurance policies in one place. What’s better than saving you from more paperwork and saving money? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the advantages of bundling, please reach out to one of our helpful agents. You can call us or shoot a quick email to to receive more helpful pointers on bundling and more. 

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