Backyard DIY Ideas: Spice Up Your Cookouts

Fire up the grill, y’all! It’s officially summertime in San Antonio. With temperatures climbing daily, folks are planning backyard barbecues so they can get out and enjoy the warm weather with friends, so we’ve got some no-fuss tips on how to spruce up your digs in prep for summertime soirées. 

Ward Off Pesky Mosquitos – Everyone knows the mosquitos in central Texas are like blood-sucking helicopters. Sometimes even mosquito spray doesn’t cut it to keep those pesky parasites out of reach. Instead, use an old-fashioned campfire trick and build a fire pit in your backyard. Mosquitos are prone to leave an area with smoke, and you get the bonus of having a fantastic site for summertime s’mores. 

Chill Those Drinks – Whether you choose ice-cold cervezas or sweet Dr. Pepper’s, you’ve got to have nearly-frosty drinks ready to quench the whole crew’s thirst. Galvanized metal ice chests are affordable and can give your backyard a rustic-chic aesthetic. Keep a few on your back porch and dump in several bags of ice along with drinks for all ages, and you’ve got yourself a mini-self-serve bar. If you have cold dips to serve as appetizers, you can also set the bowls in the metal buckets with mesh food covers. This will allow your guests to chip-n-dip as they see fit. 

Light the Path – No Texas backyard is safe from critters, so light up the walking paths with some beautiful Edison bulb string lights. Take a plastic bucket and fill it with quick-concrete mix and a 9-ft. tall pole. This will act as a tall hook for your lights. Make four “concrete popsicles” and place them in the corners of your backyard. Take several strands of backyard string lights and hang them criss-cross each other across the yard, and you’ll have mini stars of Texas brightening up the yard for easy travel. 

Taste the Season – Despite the 100-degree weather, some herbs can still thrive in small backyard planters that are watered and loved. You can plant chives, basil, cilantro, thyme, and sage this time of year pretty successfully, or go all out and plant some pepper plants to grow spicy jalapeños. Impress your party guests by showcasing some of your homegrown herbs and vegetables in the appetizers and meals you serve. 

Chalk It Up – Not everyone can relax in the backyard with some cold brews, so provide some entertainment for the smaller guests enjoying your backyard. Have a bucket of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water guns, soccer balls, and other outdoor toys the little ones can grab freely. If you have a pool, don’t forget to have a few extra floaties and pool noodles ready. The parents hanging out at your backyard gathering will feel a sense of relief from having a little bit of entertainment provided and might even stay for another drink. 

To close things out, with so many people gathered at your house grilling and drinking, it is only right to have the proper home coverage. Someone falling, grilling gone wrong, you name it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact one of our agents today and keep hosting barbeques all summer long!

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