General liability insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX

No matter the size and nature of your business, there are always uncertainties. We will determine your risks and put together a professional liability insurance package that makes sense for your business.

When you look around your business, it’s obvious that you need to protect against damage to your buildings, equipment, and staff. Risk of damage to other people and businesses will leave you paying out large sums if you are held liable.

The State of Texas requires that a construction business or independent contractor has general liability insurance. This insurance policy needs to be secured from a reputable business insurance provider by the contractor. If it is not, the construction job cannot begin until the contractor can show proof of adequate insurance. 

General liability for contractors mainly covers bodily injury and physical damage to the client’s property. Sometimes, this type of commercial insurance policy can also protect against data loss and reputation damage. For example, if one of your business’ staff members defames a client while on the job. 

It’s important to note that general liability coverage doesn’t apply to cases where you are sued for giving inadequate professional advice. Errors & omissions insurance (E&O) can help to protect your business from that specific type of risk.

General liability insurance is a common necessity for most construction businesses in Texas, especially in San Antonio. As well these other policies to further protect your company:

 Here at SOGO, we can help you to determine a policy that works for your unique business! 

SOGO insurance is an independent insurance brokerage, meaning we do the shopping for you. So you don’t have to! We make sure that your general liability insurance policy is perfectly tailored to you and your business. Your policy will have the right amount of coverage at an affordable rate.

Let’s Create a General Liability Insurance Policy perfectly unique to you and your business!

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