Flood Insurance - San Antonio, TX

Protect your business from destructive events.

Flood insurance in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.
At least 25 percent of businesses that close after destructive events such as floods never reopen. We’ll design a policy that will protect your business, as well as its physical contents and assets, from the damage costs that come from floodwater.

Imagine this: One day, a heavy rainstorm hit the town, and a restaurant flooded. It was nighttime, so no one was there to help minimize the situation. Water seeped through the doors and windows, and the restaurant was ankle-deep in water by the morning.

Despite the owner’s efforts, water continued to rise in the morning, and everyone had to evacuate the restaurant. Finally, the firefighters came, and they helped pump out water from the restaurant. In the end, there was significant damage done to the restaurant.

However, the restaurant had flood insurance which provided financial protection in the event of flood damage on a commercial property. It provided coverage for the structure of the building, its contents, inventory, equipment, and furnishing.

Their policy even included additional coverage for business interruption, which provided financial protection if your business had to shut down due to a flood. The coverage covered lost income and ongoing expenses like rent and payroll while your business shuts down.

Commercial Flood Insurance saved this restaurant from significant financial losses and can save your business too. Contact us to find a policy that will work with your specific and unique needs, and we will also help you address what is covered versus what is not, and any exclusions or limitations.

Let’s discuss your business flood insurance.
One of our insurance advisors will reach out to you to review your information and present you with the appropriate flood insurance solution. There’s no obligation, just good-old-fashioned advice.

SOGO Insurance offers comprehensive flood insurance throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas including, Helotes, Schertz, New Braunfels, Cibolo and Bexar County.