You’re a Millennial — But You Still Need Life Insurance

We’re Millennials, and we’ve been made fun of for things like avocado toast and our Instagram posts for years now, but why are we catching such a bad rap? Perhaps it’s because those born between 1981 – 1996 have been skipping out on important #adulting, like planning for life insurance, and other policies. 

The last thing we want to think about is death and dying. We have countless more vacations to take, career accomplishments to tackle, and maybe even settle down and start a family someday. But the truth is, death is imminent, and not necessarily guaranteed to affect elderly folks. Like us, you’ve probably seen one too many sad stories on social media about a millennial whose life was cut too short for one reason or another. It’s tempting to take a laissez-faire attitude toward death because it’s unlikely at our age, but here are four reasons you need to consider life insurance seriously:


Whether you’re a worry-free traveler, a career-driven college grad, or the parent you always wanted to be, we’ve got people depending on us. On top of losing an incredibly important person like you, your death will be adding a more complicated layer of grief for your spouse, children, or parents who have lost your income contribution. Financial stress includes a mortgage, medical bills, outstanding credit card payments, and even that unreal pile of student loan debt you’ve had weighing on your shoulders if you had cosigners help you along the way.  Don’t leave your loved one unprotected.


Let’s just pretend for a minute that you don’t have any issues with bills, loans, or financial obligations. A funeral in Texas is averaging a cost of between $5,000 and $15,000, and that’s not even the #extra version you deserve. That’s the Plain-Jane model, and your family doesn’t deserve to get stuck with that bill. The last thing you want to do to your spouse, or even your parents, is to have them feeling guilty over how fancy of a funeral they can plan for you, while trying to work through other financial obligations of their own. 


Look, if you have a job that covers life insurance in the event of your death, we’re genuinely happy for you. But what if you don’t work there in a few weeks? Coverage only counts if you’re employed, and just like death, you can’t really plan for things like layoffs, being let go, or being sick for an extended amount of time before your untimely death. Having a backup plan in a personal life insurance policy is best. 


In the life insurance world, you’re young, healthy, and considered “low risk,” and low risk means lower rates. Life insurance can even be inexpensive when you are in shape and remain a non-smoker. The longer you wait, the more prone you will be too serious medical conditions and hereditary issues like heart disease and diabetes, which are likely to drive insurance premiums up, leaving you to pay more down the road. 

We know you have a lot of social media browsing to do today, but carve out a few minutes of your time to get in touch with one of our qualified agents who can help you determine which life insurance policy is best for you. Not to mention – the holidays are coming up, and your Abuelita is going to ask you (again) what your plans are for the future. Impress her with the details of your life insurance policy you recently planned for with a SOGO agent. She might even lay off a condescending comment, or two.

In case you missed it: “Life Insurance Awareness Month” breaks down why you need to contact a SOGO agent today for a quote on life insurance policies. We get that planning for death is weird, and even a little uncomfortable, but planning ahead will save your family a huge headache down the road. Call or email us today.