Tax Return Season Calls for Home Improvements and Contractor Insurance

Tax season is upon us, meaning several different things for different people. For some, an annual tax return means finally booking a contractor to complete a long-awaited home improvement project. For business owners, specifically contractors, this time of year can bring growth and hire to aide with the rush of new clients. Everyone’s a winner! 

Hiring an influx of contractors is the easy part. Getting your insurance properly aligned can seem like quite the task, but SOGO is here to help business owners prepare for home improvement season or any other. Luckily, we’ve cleared a path just for you by making things as simple as possible, without sacrificing the coverage you need. The general premise of a contractor insurance plan is to have a “cover-all-bases” plan that includes, at the very least, commercial general liability for accidents on the job site. 

When you meet with a SOGO agent about contractor insurance, it’s going to be a very customized conversation based on your business needs. Along with commercial general liability for accidents, you can expect to discuss commercial property coverage to protect the space your team is working in, builders risk and installation insurance to protect the work completed from blame of injury or damage, workers compensation to protect workers from time off due to an injury, and employers liability coverage for basic coverage against liability. You also might discuss policies that can protect your business from a different perspective, including contractors’ equipment coverage for any expensive equipment your team is managing,  business auto insurance for the company trucks you’ve provided your employees, hold harmless and additional insureds for any accidents that happen on the job site, and potentially commercial umbrella/excess insurance for any other little things that are common to pop up on a construction site.

If you are a contracting business and don’t already have a safety program in place, you should definitely consider this as an option. Luckily, SOGO knows that having an active safety program can get you discounts or special rates on some of the policies listed about. That’s why SOGO offers Risk Management plans perfectly compliant with OSHA regulations to help your business minimize your risks while on the job and off it. 

If you haven’t checked out our interactive map on our website, click here to see a visual representation of all the ways SOGO can save you time, money, effort, and risk with our contractor insurance. Sometimes all it takes is to see a visual representation of a job site to see what coverages you might otherwise not think of. Our agents pride themselves on having extensive knowledge on all types of policies. You can trust our team not to oversell you on anything, because we’re family, and your best interests are ours. 

 Also, give us a call, or even email us, to talk through your best options for holiday protection with one of our agents today.