Four Types of Business Insurance You Don’t Want to Forget About

You’re running a business, which means your to-do list never stops. It’s a more-than-tiring effort to make sure your employees are happy, keeping the lights on, and protecting your assets day after day. Luckily, you’ve got things under control, and you’ve got the best insurance company in San Antonio backing you up. We’re here to remind you of the things on your to-do list that may get pushed to the bottom in the thick of business planning. After you run payroll, let’s talk about the four types of insurance you don’t want to forget about for your business. 

Business Auto – Maybe you don’t have a whole fleet of vehicles running around town yet. But did you know that even having one business vehicle still qualifies you for business auto insurance? It’s basically just regular old auto insurance, but with extra protection. If it’s you behind the wheel, you can be mostly sure that no accident will happen under your watch, but what if an employee is driving? We know San Antonio traffic can be crazy sometimes, so it’s worth checking out collision insurance so that you’re automatically covered should this happen. 

Commercial Property – From high-rise building office suites to a warehouse in the industrial parts of town, you are proud of your commercial property because it’s a physical representation of all the hard work you’ve put into your business. Even if you have security walking the perimeter of the building, or if you have an alarm system, you can’t deter thieves from taking valuable and irreplaceable items from your business. Fires and natural disasters happen more often than you may realize, and you could financially take a huge profit loss if your product and corporate information are lost. Commercial property insurance protects you from all of those scenarios, backing you up financially if something terrible were to occur. 

EPLI – Check out the news and you’ll find after just a few minutes that it’s commonplace for businesses to be sued for sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and workplace conditions. Thankfully, there are insurances such as Employment Practice Liability Insurance, or EPLI, to protect the business and certain individuals like directors or executives. Even if all the claims weren’t true, it still costs thousands upon thousands of dollars to defend your business in court. You can secure EPLI to help with cases, even if they weren’t intentional “failure-to-act” situations. 

Crime Insurance – When you think about crime, you might picture a burglar in dark clothing. But what if the crime is happening right under your nose in your corporate office? White-collar crime can happen in any business, big or small. Of course, this can cover physical products stolen from the actual location, but it can also cover white-collar financial crimes like embezzlement and invoice fraud. We’re sure you trust and even love your employees like family, but during desperate times, people are capable of doing anything if it means getting more money.

Again, we know it feels like these things will never happen to you or your business, but anything can happen. Contact your SOGO agent today and don’t let this type of coverage slip through the cracks until it’s too late. 

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