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Rental Property Insurance - San Antonio and Austin, TX

Protection for your investment.

Rental property insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding areas.
Don’t be fooled, just because your tenant has rental insurance doesn’t mean that you—the owner—are protected. Rental property insurance is specially designed to cover the risks faced when you rent your property to others.

Alex was excited to rent out his first property as a new landlord. He had spent months renovating the apartment building and was eager to earn some extra income.

At first, everything went smoothly. Alex found responsible tenants, and the rent checks started rolling in. But one night, a storm hit the area, and a bolt of lightning struck one of the trees in the backyard of the apartment building. The tree fell onto the roof, causing significant damage to the building.

Alex was shocked and overwhelmed. He had never considered that something like this could happen. He had assumed that his homeowner’s insurance policy would cover any damages to the building. But after speaking with his insurance agent, Alex realized he needed rental property insurance to protect his investment.

Rental property insurance, the agent explained, was designed specifically for landlords like Alex. It would provide coverage for damages to the building and any liability claims that might arise from accidents on the property. Without rental property insurance, Alex would be responsible for paying for all the damages out of pocket.

Alex quickly purchased rental property insurance and filed a claim for the damages caused by the fallen tree. The insurance policy covered the cost of repairs and allowed Alex to get the apartment building back in tip-top shape.

Over the years, Alex faced other challenges as a landlord – from broken windows to tenant disputes – but each time, he was grateful for the security that rental property insurance provided. It allowed him to focus on being a responsible landlord and provided peace of mind, knowing that he was protected in case of unexpected events.

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SOGO Insurance offers comprehensive rental property insurance throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas including, Helotes, Schertz, New Braunfels, Cibolo and Bexar County.