Long-Term Care Insurance - San Antonio and Austin, TX

Manage the risks and costs associated with long-term care.

Long-term care insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Long-term care insurance may be your best option if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time. We’ll help prepare you for the unexpected.



As Betty got older, she realized that she may need help taking care of herself in the future. She had heard stories of friends and family members who had to move into nursing homes and pay exorbitant fees for long-term care. 

Betty realized then the importance of having long-term care insurance. However, she had never considered that her standard insurance policies might not provide coverage for long-term care. 

Her insurance agent explained that a long-term care insurance policy covers extended care services not covered by standard health insurance policies. For example, it covers in-home care, assisted living, and nursing home care expenses. 

Betty purchased long-term care insurance to protect her future and provide her peace of mind. Finally, she knew that she would have the financial support needed to receive quality care if she ever needed it. 

Several years later, Betty was diagnosed with a chronic illness that required long-term care. Thanks to her long-term care insurance policy, she could receive the care she needed without worrying about the financial burden it would have on her family. 

From then on, Betty made sure to have long-term care insurance. She learned the hard way that unexpected events can happen, and preparing for any potential financial consequences is essential. Long-term care insurance gave her the peace of mind of knowing she could receive quality care without worrying about the cost. 

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