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Excess liability insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding areas.
Excess liability insurance is the best way to take your protection to the next level. It kicks in to pay any remaining costs once your original insurance policy has reached its coverage limit.

John was a successful business owner who had worked hard to build his company from the ground up. He was proud of everything he had accomplished and wanted to protect his assets from potential lawsuits. That’s why he had purchased a liability insurance policy.

But one day, John received some devastating news. One of his employees had been involved in a car accident while on company business, and the other driver had been seriously injured. In addition, the other driver had filed a lawsuit against John’s company, and the damages being sought were well beyond the coverage limits of his liability insurance policy.

John was alarmed and worried. He realized then the importance of having excess liability insurance. He had never considered that the coverage limits of his liability insurance policy might not be enough to cover a catastrophic event like this.

Excess liability insurance, the insurance agent explained, provides additional coverage beyond the limits of a standard liability insurance policy. Its goal is to protect individuals and businesses from the financial consequences of catastrophic events like lawsuits.

John quickly purchased excess liability insurance, and the policy covered the damages awarded in the lawsuit. Without the excess liability insurance, John’s business would have been forced to pay for the damages out of pocket, which could have bankrupted his company.

From then on, John made sure to have excess liability insurance for all of his business ventures. He learned the hard way that accidents can happen, and preparing for any potential financial consequences is essential. Excess liability insurance gave him the peace of mind to continue growing his business without worrying about catastrophic events.

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