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Wholesaler and distributor insurance in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.
As a wholesaler or distributor, your business has heightened risks because of the amount of stock kept onsite. A specialty wholesaler and distributor insurance policy protects you from the unique financial risks associated with this type of business.

Samantha had spent the last 20 years building her small wholesale business, supplying quality products to retailers across the state. She had worked hard to establish her reputation and was proud of her company’s success.

But, as her business grew, Samantha realized that with success came new risks. There was the threat of product liability lawsuits, the possibility of supply chain disruptions, and the risk of property damage from natural disasters.

She knew that a single event could jeopardize everything she had worked for. That’s when she decided to look into wholesaler and distributor insurance.

After researching her options, Samantha found a policy to protect her business from the unexpected. It covered product liability, property damage, business interruption, and cyber threats. With this insurance in place, Samantha had peace of mind knowing that her business was protected from the industry’s risks.

Sure enough, just a few months after taking out the policy, a tornado hit the area where Samantha’s warehouse was located. While several neighboring businesses suffered significant damage, Samantha’s warehouse was spared mainly thanks to the protections provided by her insurance policy.

Samantha knew that the tornado could have meant the end of her business without the coverage. Instead, thanks to her foresight and careful planning, she got her business back up and running quickly and without significant financial loss.

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