Property manager insurance in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

If you manage residential or commercial properties, you face a diverse set of risks and potential losses. From liability issues to damage protection, we’ll help you navigate the world of property manager insurance and design coverage that’s a perfect fit.

To protect against all the risks you face in property management, you’ll need an insurance policy with several key components. The biggest are general liability, errors & omissions and tenant discrimination.

How can property manager insurance protect you?
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Property Manager
Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)
Risk Factor

Property management firms have many exposures that can lead to a lawsuit. Dealing with boards of directors, owners, residents, employees, vendors, and regulatory authorities can and often does lead to lawsuits.


Errors and omissions liability insurance protects property management firms if a client alleges that you were professionally negligent or failed to perform professional duties.

Commercial Property Insurance
Risk Factor

Property management firms may face serious financial consequences from property loss by fire, wind or other causes.


A business owners policy (BOP) or package policy providing commercial property insurance will provide coverage for damage to a building you own, along with coverage for personal property and income lost due to a covered cause of loss.

General Liability
Risk Factor

Property management firms can be sued for injuries or property damage at their office and sometimes at the properties they manage.


General liability insurance is an absolute necessity for any property management firm. It provides coverage for legal fees and judgments when the firm is named in a covered lawsuit for bodily injury, property damage, associated medical costs, and more.

Crime and Fidelity Coverage
Risk Factor

As a property management firm, you have access to your clients’ money. Illegal activity such as forgery or theft can occur.


Crime and fidelity coverage is designed to provide coverage for theft of not only money and personal property owned by the firm, but money that the firm has in their custody for their clients.

Cyber Liability Insurance
Risk Factor

Property management firms have exposures including the need for protection of privacy, data and financial information for their clients. Breach of data can result in costly fees and lawsuits for the association if held liable.


Cyber liability coverage covers fees and lawsuits resulting from the breach of personal data in the event your firm is liable.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance
Risk Factor

Property managers must drive to the sites they manage regularly. Accidents can and do happen. If an employee were to get into an auto accident while working, the management firm could be named in a suit by the injured party.


If any automobiles are owned by the property management firm, a commercial auto insurance policy should be obtained. In addition, hired and non-owned auto liability should be maintained in any case to provide coverage in the event an employee gets into an accident while using their own car.

Emma had always been interested in real estate and was excited when she landed a job as a property manager for a local apartment complex. She enjoyed her career, meeting new people, and ensuring everything ran smoothly. However, her world crashed one day when she received a lawsuit from one of the tenants. 

The tenant claimed that she had slipped and fallen in the common area of the building due to a wet floor that was not adequately marked. Emma was taken aback because she had ensured the area was cleaned regularly and safety signs were placed in prominent locations. But, the tenant had already hired a lawyer and was suing Emma and the apartment complex for compensation. 

Emma was devastated and felt helpless. She had heard about property manager insurance before but had just given it much thought. Then, finally, she realized that she needed it to protect herself and the apartment complex against unforeseen circumstances like this. 

She spoke to her supervisor, who agreed that it was necessary to have property manager insurance. They decided to contact an insurance company specializing in real estate insurance, and they obtained a policy covering them for any liability claims. 

Emma felt relieved and grateful that she had taken this step to protect herself and the apartment complex. She continued working as a property manager with more peace of mind, knowing she had the necessary insurance coverage to protect herself and the business. 

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