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As a business that serves alcohol, liquor liability insurance is essential. This type of policy protects you and your business in the unfortunate event that a customer causes damage or injury after being served alcohol by your business.



Did you know that in Texas, establishments that serve or sell alcohol can be held liable for injuries or damages caused by a person who becomes intoxicated on their premises? This can also include fights, falls, or car accidents. 

For example, let’s say a couple of guys are at your bar on a Friday night. After many drinks, they start to get aggressive with each other and a fight breaks out. One of them had a serious injury, and he was rushed to the hospital. Under Texas law, you as the business owner are responsible for the injury. Texas Liquor Liability Insurance is designed to protect businesses from the financial consequences of these claims.  

Liquor Liability Insurance is not required by law in Texas, but some landlords or lenders require establishments to have this insurance. Businesses that do not carry this insurance risk being sued for damages caused by intoxicated clients.  

Bars, restaurants, and liquor stores should carry Liquor Liability Insurance. Contact us today to assess the risks in your establishment and get you set up with Liquor Liability Insurance.  

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