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Texas CBD Oil, Cannabis, and Hemp Store insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas.
In a relatively new industry like cannabis, it’s often confusing to know what type of coverage you need. From general liability to product storage, we’ll help you sort out the risks and design a policy that helps your business as it grows.

Samantha had always been passionate about natural remedies and the benefits of alternative medicine. So, when the opportunity to open her CBD oil and hemp store came along, she jumped.

Samantha had done her research and knew that CBD oil and hemp were quickly gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry. She was excited to offer her customers a range of products that would help them feel better physically and mentally.

But with any new business venture, Samantha knew that there were risks involved. She needed to protect her store and investment with the right insurance coverage.

That’s why she looked into CBD oil and hemp store insurance. This specialized coverage would protect Samantha against risks specific to her industry, such as product liability and loss of inventory due to theft or damage.

One day, Samantha’s worst fears were realized when a customer claimed that a product had caused them harm. Fortunately, Samantha had the proper insurance to cover any legal fees and damages that might arise from the incident.

With her insurance coverage, Samantha could focus on what mattered most: providing her customers with high-quality products and helping them feel their best. In addition, she was grateful for the peace of mind that came with knowing that her business was protected in case of any unexpected events.

SOGO is your CBD and cannabis insurance solution. Contact us today—experience SOGO, Experience peace of mind.

**Please note at this time, we are unable to insure home-based businesses.

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SOGO Insurance offers comprehensive CBD Oil, Cannabis and Hemp store insurance throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas.