Serena Hernandez

Serena Hernandez

Director of Marketing

210-499-5054 fax

Serena Hernandez has been called “Wonder Woman” a few times in her life, and it takes only a few minutes with her to figure out why.

Serena found her passion for community to creatively help individuals and businesses develop their brand and voice to essentially grow and become profitable through the use of Digital Marketing techniques. Her natural ability to combine creativity and professionalism led to the successful launch of her Non-Profit. Over 6 years of working within the Non-profit industry Serena sharpened her marketing skills, all while leading 31 members of the organization to educate, inspire, and mentor any child who needed a ‘hero’. Her fierce commitment to the San Antonio community allowed her entrepreneurial spirit to grow, as well, when she shifted her career focus from Non-Profit executive to the insurance industry.

While Serena is still very much involved in the community, she mainly shows off her “Wonder Woman” marketing skills at the SOGO Wealth and Risk Management office these days as their Director of Marketing. Through her role at SOGO, she is responsible for analyzing, planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy for the company. Lending a fresh perspective and creativity to connect with SOGO’s current and potential clients, she has successfully developed and carried out several multifaceted digital marketing strategies while also maintaining SOGO’s overall brand and voice. When she’s not offering up her genius marketing perspective to the team, she’s out looking for the latest fashion and shoes to wear.

Serena has been recognized by the San Antonio Express-News and a number of San Antonio’s Charitable organizations for her work within her non-profit and continues to work with these organizations through SOGO Wealth and Risk Management own program, SOGO Cares.

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